Ønskedepotet - Få din egen online ønskeseddel hos Ønskedepotet og del den med familie og venner - helt gratis. Ønskelisten kan nemt sendes til venner og familie, som så kan reservere dine gaveønsker, og derved undgå dupletter på gavebordet.

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Oversigt over ændringer

Herunder kan du se en teknisk vinklet engelsksproget oversigt over ændringer lavet på Ønskedepotet.

---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ØNSKEDEPOTET CHANGELOG ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ----------------------------- v4.1 (28. July 2014) ----------------------------- Feature: Total remake of the autologin feature. - It is now possible to have autologin enabled on multiple devices. - It is also possible to have multiple users autologin on the same device. - The user can manage and revoke autologins. - It is possible to link directly to and autologin, meaning they will persist cookie-wipes. ----------------------------- v4.0 (5. July 2014) ----------------------------- Feature: Wishes can now be marked as "favorite" with a little star and top-sticky-listing. Feature: Made the front page a bit more useful (lists newest activity, upcoming event days and some short-cut links) Feature: Smoother wishlist editing with new ajax interface. Feature: Links can now be copy-pasted for light guests and similar access requests send by email. This allows the user to send the link from their own email client, in case they have spam-filter issues. Change: Removed the need to delete old reservation. Only new reservations are highlighted on the main wishlist view, old reservation are only shown when clicking "reserve" on the wish. Removed a lot of legacy stuff (e.g. various dead affiliates, and WAP version) Internal change: Some of the rounded-corner and grid zebra-striping has been converted to more modern CSS constructs. Internal change: Converted project to ASP.NET MVC 3.0 / VS.NET 2013 Internal change: Now uses SimpleText.NET (https://simpletext.codeplex.com/) for language versioning. ----------------------------- v3.3.0 (10. October 2012) ----------------------------- Fixed: Using the "delete all reservations" feature did not update the performance attribute wish.wsh_reservationcount ----------------------------- v3.2.0 (6. March 2010) ----------------------------- Added feature: Users can now invite partners (e.g. wifes or kids) with which they can then share wishes (the wished will then appear on both of their wishlists). Fixed URL-hack leak: wishlists_reserve.aspx did not check that wshid matched wusid. So a complete list of wish titles could be generated by malicious (or curious) users. ----------------------------- v3.1.0 (5. November 2009) ----------------------------- Added fav icon Added feature: User can now add comment to the email when sending permissions, permission requests and guest visas. Search engine optimization: - onskesedler.oenskedepotet.dk domain - friendly-URL-rewrite - e.g. /oenskesedler/list.aspx and /oenskeseddel/1/Torben%20Rohde.aspx Site will no longer work in virtual directory, all image references etc. have had / prefixed (made all URLs absolute to keep CSS, images etc. working on rewriteen URLs) ----------------------------- v3.0.0 (10. november 2009) ----------------------------- Converted all sites to VS.NET 2008 project (NANT and compile.bat is being phased out - still in progress). Added Uservoice.com for user feedback and bug reporting Added RPXnow.com Single-Sign-On Feature: Delete all reservations on wishlist Split "Indstillinger" menu into more sub-items. Fixed: Menu and footer render problems in Chrome and IE8 Minor design improvements: Rounded corners and new "demo" and "about" boxes on frontpage ----------------------------- v2.0.8 (4. july 2006) ----------------------------- Added option for receiving event day reminders as SMS Changed classgenerator to v0.9.0 - this means SqlClient is used instead of OleDb (OleDb was found to leak memory). This means connectionstrings must be changed (remove PROVIDER=SQLOLEDB) Database was upgraded/changed to SQL Server 2005 (was 2000) ----------------------------- v2.0.7 (26. november 2006) ----------------------------- Fixed bug which caused yearly eventsdays to be shown on the actual day. Used a xx/xx-xxxx 00:00:00 DateTime instead of simply DateTime.Now Eventday.NextEventDate Fixed bug in validation when creating an eventday. Eventdays could be created without selecting a year. ----------------------------- v2.0.6 (15. november 2006) ----------------------------- On the login-page the username receives focus on the onload event of the page. If the user had started typing before the page had finished loading, the users typing would be disturbed when the focus was forced to the username field. This is no longer the case, as focus is only forced if no typing has yet occured in the username or password field. The rendering of the wishlist has been facelifted. Shop and price take up less space if not used. The linebreaks entered by the user is now converted to HMTL brakes. Also links are automatically rendered as HTML links, and shortened if they exceed 50 characters. Added formatting of dates in EventdayReminder.SendReminder to match the culture of the selected language for the user which will receive the reminder-mail (attribute lan_culturename in language table and wus_lan_id on the wishlistuser table) All dates and numbers should use this Culture for the wishlistuser or language, instead of always using da-DK from the web.config file as is the case now. Removed the intro page that was shown before printing began (print.aspx). Printing now begins immediatly upon clicking the "print" link Added print-icon Fixed error in password validation (underscores where disallowed (although the alertbox said they _where_ allowed) Started the iPod competition (15. nov. 2006) ----------------------------- v2.0.5 (10. july 2006) ----------------------------- Differentiated the title tag (no longer resides in the PageHeadDescriptive.ascx control) to allow for better search-engine (google) ranking. Eventsdays could not be deleted (eventday_edit.aspx line 19 - javascript document.location.href "redirect" used & instead of simply & in URL parameters (it has probably been a simply HTML anchor link, and has then been moved to the javascript function)) Fixed possibility of URL hack in crawlerindexing_showuser.aspx (changing wishlistuser ID in querystring would reveal name and address of user even though searchengine indexing had been disallowed) ----------------------------- v2.0.4 (27. june 2006) ----------------------------- Added feature for accessing wishlist via friendly-URL (a similar, but less advanced feature was available, but now the webhotel offers custom 404 error-page) New wedding layout added. Tweaked some keywords for google and others Removed tyvstart.dk as affiliate (link in footer) Added feature for sending reminders for upcoming eventdays (the user can specify the number of days in advance to remind of an upcoming eventday, or disable reminder-mails - the setting is per-eventday) (table eventday_reminderlog added for keeping track of sent reminders) ----------------------------- v2.0.3 (11. november 2005) ----------------------------- Minor graphics tweak in the christmas layout (hover effect on menu, smaller letters in menu, and different styling of bottom bar, snow and other gfx tweaks on header bar). Alt text where missing on christmas leftmenu images. Added width and height to christmas leftmenu images. ----------------------------- v2.0.2 (24. august 2005) ----------------------------- Added christmas theme Various text-fixes ----------------------------- v2.0.1 (24. august 2005) ----------------------------- News can now be flagged to be shown on the users personal frontpage and/or the login-page (if none is flagged it is only shown on the news-page) ----------------------------- v2.0.0 (24. august 2005) ----------------------------- Address is no longer mandatory, only firstname, lastname, e-mail, username and password is required (due to the new system for giving permissions) Moved all texts from the website (aspx) and into the database (languageversioning) Total revision of layout (header footer) - layout no longer text-only, added graphics. Still scales though, and fonts still in em. wus_lay_id determines which headers, footers etc. are used Changed DOCTYPE from 1.1 to 1.0 transitional (1.1 and 1.0 strict was causing problems with the table layout (inexplanable spacings in tableset)) When removing a guests permission, or a normal permission, the guest no longer recieves an e-mail notification. Security fixes ---------------- - patched possibility of URL hack in wishlist_show.aspx (invalid permission revealed name behind the wishlistuser ID) ----------------------------- v1.1.2 (29. november 2004) ----------------------------- - Ændringer i HTML og stylesheet struktur skulle gøre sitet bedre på håndholdte minicomputere. - Fixed various security holes (URL hacks) ----------------------------- v1.1.1 (25. november 2004) ----------------------------- - Gæstevisaer, adgangsansøgninger o.lign. sendes nu med brugerens e-mail adresse som afsender. ----------------------------- v1.1.0 (28. september 2004) ----------------------------- - "Framework", build og deployment rutiner lavet om fra bunden. Skulle ikke have noget at sige for brugere af sitet. ----------------------------- v1.0.2 (19. juni 2004) ----------------------------- - Lidt tekstændringer. Teaser på "log ind" siden, forbedringer i tilmeldingsflow o.lign. ----------------------------- v1.0.1 (21. juni 2004) ----------------------------- - Slettede ønskesedler blev også sendt ved tilsendelse af kodeord ("glemt brugernavn/kodeord"). - Ved mærkedage af typen "Fødselsdag" vises nu også fødselarens alder. - Diverse forbedringer i administrationen af mærkedage. - Opslagstavle til diverse kommentarer tilføjet til "Din forside". - "Kommentar til ønskeseddel" flyttet fra "Din forside" til "Min ønskeseddel" siden. ----------------------------- v1.0.0 (6. juni 2004) ----------------------------- - Ønskedepotet er nu blevet konverteret til fra MS ASP 3.0/Access til MS .NET/SQL server. - Det er nu muligt at tilføje sin egen kommentar til andres ønskeseddel (som man kun selv kan se). ----------------------------- v0.9.2 (26. oktober 2003) ----------------------------- - Forbedring af mærkedage konceptet. Nu kan der skelnes mellem almindelige, generiske og private mærkedage. ----------------------------- v0.9.15 (1. oktober 2003) ----------------------------- - Mulighed for at tillade anonyme brugere (fjerne alle adgangsrestriktioner til ens ønskeseddel) - Småjusteringer på søgemaskineindekseringen. ----------------------------- v0.9.1 (28. juni 2003) ----------------------------- - Tydeligere mouse-over på venstremenu. - Sortering af forskellige lister ordnet. - Forbedrede lister, med mouser-over farveskift på rækkerne. - Mulighed for tilmelding til søgemaskiner (i en første rustik version). - Kolonner på ønskesedlen kan kollapses hvis man vil have mere plads. - Der er lappet forskellige quirks i Internet Explorer (stadig visse kosmetiske problemer med denne). ----------------------------- v0.9.05 (2. juni 2003) ----------------------------- Ønskesedler/brugerprofiler kan nu slettes. ----------------------------- v0.9.0 (1. juni 2003) ----------------------------- Ønskedepot beta-testes.